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Electoral College Calculator       MOD APK       Posted 2018-11-08


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To victory a presidential election in the the United States a candidate needs to earn 270 electoral votes. That's a tall order, but now there's a tool to figure out who would victory with the right combination of states, right on your phone or smartphone! All you need to do is tap on a state and that will add it to either the Republican or Democrat's(or even third party's) electoral vote total. You can test all types of state combinations to obtain to that elusive 270. Easy, speedy, and free. You can download all the maps that you make as an image to your gallery with one tap. Very simple to share online and with your mates! Wish to view previous election results? Every election in American history is included in the application. See how close(or not) previous elections were, examine which parties dominated which time periods and regions at various points in American history, and obtain to know who ran in each election. Learn the states! Electoral College Calculator contains a state profile feature that lets you view the electoral history of every state in the union, as well as some speedy facts and statistics about the states. -Tap on a state to add it to the Republican column, tap it again to add it to the Democratic column, and tap again to add it to the third party column if you have third parties enabled. -The District of Columbia is awarded three electoral votes by the 23rd amendment, and is thus treated as a state for the purpose of this tool. -Maine and Nebraska split their electoral votes by congressional district. The candidate with the plurality of the states will automatically obtain two votes(and by extension at least one congressional district) and the rest of the congressional districts can possibly be won by other candidates. This is reflected in the tool as well. -Dream up any type of electoral scenario and see how it would play out! -If you like US Politics, US Government, or elections this is the application for you. Ideal for these college and high school courses: Introduction to Political Science Introduction to American History American Elections AP United States Government and Politics AP United States History (APUSH) AP Comparative Government and Politics American History New features will be added regularly. If you have a suggestion, wish to report a issue, or just have a question or comment please send me an email! Electoral College Calculator's Privacy Policy is viewable here: http://annotatedusconstitution.com/privacypolicy

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For Android: 5.0 and up Tool: Electoral College Calculator mod apk
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Name: Electoral College Calculator apk mod free Extension: Apk
Author: Aamir KI File Name: com.aamirki.electoralcollegecalculation
Current Version: 4.4.2 User Rating: Everyone
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Version 4.4.2:<br>- Added a Privacy Policy, it is viewable in the Settings screen<br><br>Version 4.4:<br>- Added two new pre-filled electoral maps: Safe States and Safe/Leaning States<br><br>Version 4.2:<br>- Now includes pre-filled electoral maps that you can edit on the home screen<br><br>Version 4.1:<br>- Added a fourth party<br><br><br>Be sure to visit https://www.facebook.com/electoralcollegecalculator to stay up to date with the app and post your maps!


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